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Hard Point Kennels offers a complete gun dog training program to assist you in developing your hunting dog to the level you desire.

We take on a limited number of client dogs in order to ensure that each dog gets proper time and training.

We utilize proven training techniques and take into consideration each individual dogs needs. Our training programs utilize positive reinforcement to assist dogs in developing their natural hunting instincts in a natural and enjoyable way.

All dogs are taught commands in a patient manner and all commands are reinforced with the e-collar. We pride ourselves in the proper use of the e-collar as a tool for reinforcement rather than a method of punishment or forced training that often breaks a dog’s spirit or in some cases ruins them.

We will discuss with you what level of training you hope to have your dog achieve and lay out an outline to achieve that objective.

We offer month to month training programs, long term training to achieve the complete dog, and also single sessions to help you with your dog. We offer special training camps from time to time throughout the year as well.

Feel free to contact us regarding pricing and availability as we often maintain a waiting list due to the current demand for our training services.